Theoretical and practical aspects of services development in Ukraine

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Інститут суспільної трансформації
Becoming and development of market relations in Ukraine stipulate the necessity of improvement of control system by the service’s enterprises, orientation of the management system business on the market conditions of economy, ability quickly and flexibly to react on changes in a marketing environment. It is worth noting that service most develops in the process of development of society. In particular, there is visible an increase of employment in this sphere, increase of technical equipped of labor, introduction of more perfect technologies. It is impossible to achieve it without functioning or providing of informative, financial, transport, insurance and other types of services. As services are the inalienable constituent of trading in commodities, then the sale of commodity requires more developed network, that includes for itself services, that is given during realization, and after-sales service. The distinguishing features of services, predefined by their nature, determine the specific of market of services. Service is a separate link of economy of the state with the aim of various types of services recreation. At the same time the market of services is examined as a sphere of exchange services, that comes forward as a job of unproductive sphere enterprises, that embraces trade, transport, financing, insurance, culture, sport, medicine, various mediation and other spheres, performance. The features of service’s market are distinguished on the basis of theoretical positions: specific of organization of service’s production; specific of process of service’s grant is predefined by the personal contact of producer and consumer; high dynamic of market processes; territorial segmentation; local character; high speed of capital circulation; high sensitiveness to the changes of the market state of affairs; high degree of differentiation of services; considerable branch and territorial differentiation; diversification; mobility of subjects of market of services. In the article the most widespread concepts "services" and their classifications is analyzed. The analysis of import and export of services and analysis of volumes of the realized services by the enterprises of Ukraine is carried out.
services, market services, export, import.