Features of investment regalution of construction in Agriculture

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The article deals with the foundations of the formation and economic development of the construction industry and the features of investment regulation of construction in agriculture. The basic key problems of construction and ways of their solution in agriculture are determined. The features of capital investments of modern production are revealed. The role of direct foreign investments (share capital) from the countries of the world in the national economy of Ukraine is substantiated. It was established that an important feature of the proportional interaction of industries and spheres of production is the structural reorganization of the sphere of the economy. Improvement of structural policy in the construction industry through the development of economic and organizational mechanisms for regulation of inter-sector economic relations will contribute to improving the efficiency of the functioning of all sectors and spheres of agro-industrial production. It is proved that the main ways of structural policy in the construction industry are: firstly - structural (formation of branch development); and secondly - budget (effective definition of market regulators of the gross domestic product). The simulation of economic development of the main branches of the national economy was carried out. It is proved that the growth rate of investments in the studied branches of the economy was less than the growth of the cost of fixed assets. The main problems of economic development of Ukraine, which lead to intensification of the structural adjustment of the national economy, are revealed. The hierarchical levels of structural policy are shown in dynamics. The mechanism of state regulation of investment processes in building activity is offered. It is proved that the main goal of the state structural policy in construction activity is the formation of inter-sectoral proportions, financial planning, development strategies, and the provision of incentives to stimulate the industries.
construction, investment, investment regulation, agriculture, agro-industrial production, inter-industry relations, structural policy, mechanism of state regulation, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Building Innovayions, vol. 73. Springer, Cham. Pages 741–755 pp