BASICS OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH IN AGRONOMY : methodological instructive regulations for an laboratory work of the students of the Agronomy Faculty of education and qualification level - "Bachelor"

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Marenych, M. M.
Yurchenko, S. O.
Маренич, Микола Миколайович
Юрченко, Світлана Олександрівна
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In experimental practice, including the agronomic one, it is impossible to speak about the truth of the trial or the establishment of a certain regularity without having conducted an appropriate major experiment. The logical completion of the trial is a mathematical processing of the experimental results. The methodological instructive regulations are aimed at forming knowledge and practical skills, planning, designing, conducting field experiments, analysing the results, making calculations including modern software as well used by students of the Agronomy Faculty. For this purpose, each work, which provides an example of calculations of the biometric parameters, the truth of the trial, contains the nature of calculations and their solution by means of modern software. This will greatly facili-tate the statistical processing of the experimental results and will help complete the di-ploma paper in a proper way.
Block, Variant of the experiment, Variability (diversity), Experimental plot