Regional aspects of the production of sugar beet subcomplex of Ukraine

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Кyiv: NNTS «IAE» [in Ukrainian]
Purpose of the article is assessment of regional characteristics of sugar beet subcomplex of of Ukraine and determine the main way out of the crisis. The study used the basic methods of scientific knowledge. Among them dialectical, logical and abstract analysis system (theoretical and methodological generalizations); statistical groups (in determining the parameters of sugar beet farmers by type). The element of novelty is amending the Law of Ukraine "On state regulation of production and sale of the sugar market" on the volume of sugar production from raw materials as sugar production, producing sugar plants in the country for the domestic market, insufficient and as a result, reduced financial income in budget, and the sugar beet industry was in crisis. The study analyzes the current state and development of the sugar beet industry, opened regional aspect of fish farming sugar beet subcomplex of you the ways of overcoming the crisis in the sugar beet industry.
sugar beet subcomplex, regional development, the market for sugar, production of sugar beets, raw material, agricultural production