Ecological perspective of IT in environmental management

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Brzozowska, A.
Kalinichenko, A. V.
Minkova, O.
Калініченко, Антоніна Володимирівна
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Полтава: Вид-во ПДАА
The role of information systems in environmental management has been presented in the collective monograph, based on the positions of inter-subject approach. The different effects of development and implementation of systems for environmental situation observation as well as typical areas of their use in terms of environmental protection have been shown. Numerous assumptions concerning the implementation of environmental solutions have been investigated. Considerable attention has been paid to the questions of modern forms of agricultural and rural areas development using the computer modeling and simulation. The monograph is a part of 2 research themes: 1) “Develop strategies for sustainable agroecosystems with optimal cost resources for different forms of business” (the number of state registration 0112U007773); 2) “To work out scientific directions of organizational, economic, financial and social development, management and regulation in agro-industrial complex, on the branch level and in the organization-legal forms of market economy” (the number of state registration 0111U002780). The monograph is aimed for scientists, teachers, executives and specialists of state administration bodies, specialists of agro-formations, post-graduate students, and everybody who are interested in the questions of ecological perspective of IT in environmental management.
agricultural and rural areas, IT, environmental managemen, agroecosystem