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Калініченко, Олександр Володимирович
Федірець, Олег Володимирович
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Introduction. The article is concerned urgent problems that arise in agriculture sector of national economy Ukrainian concerning effective use of energy resources may be resolved by using such scientific and practical activity as energy management. Hereat the leading role granted to “energy efficiency” category. Purpose. The purpose of the paper is to study energy use and energy conservation problems in the agrarian sector and to develop measures to improve the energy conservation and energy management mechanism of the agrarian enterprise. Results. Agriculture enterprise potential of energy-saving is a totality of potential opportunities of enterprise concerning energy, resources and the means saving required for these opportunities to be realized taking into consideration specific levels of energy consumption in agriculture. Energy-saving mechanism is a combination of structures, standards, methods and means of managing energy preserving process that is based on rational consumption of energy resources. Energy management as a component of organization management should be interpreted as: managerial activity aimed at providing effective functioning of organization energy system and achieving the goals as well; management of distribution and use of energy resources within the bounds of the specific organization which provide producing definite number of products or services; making managerial decisions to use energy resources efficiently as well as monitor implementation of these decisions. Fundamental principles are of high importance for energy management. They help director to affect the controlled system more reasonably and expect possible feedback. Besides, the analysis of alternative variants of energy sources consumption, energy consumption management has to involve energy consumption planning and organization of its implementation. We should take into account the principle of energy resources interchangeability choosing between several resources. Energy consumption gain is reasonable until the effect of last energy resources consumption equalizes with output.
Fedirets O. V. Formation of agricultural enterprise energy saving mechanism / O. V. Fedirets, О. V. Kalinichenko // Modern Economics», № 9 (2018) С. 153 – 159.
energy efficiency, еnergy-saving mechanism, energy management, energy use