Результаты оценкипластичности и стабильности сортов сои

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Білявська, Людмила Григорівна
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Молдавский аграрный университет
Annotation. The article gives analysis of practical value of soybean varieties according to productivity and ecological plasticity in different climatic provinces of Ukraine. Ecological estimation of soybean varieties by the methodology of Eberhart and Rassel has been made. This estimation helped to determine variety plasticity and potential to adaptability. It has been established that varieties Almaz and Diona were the best according to the results of ecological research of varieties. The most favourable regions for cultivation of up-to-date soybean varieties have been chosen. Variety Almaz has been defined as the most intensive and plastic soybean variety (average yield during research years was 2.66–2.93 t/hа). Varieties Antratsit and Ametist also have shown high plasticity. The article gives rank estimation of practical value of soybean varieties on the basis of grain productivity. It has been established that all examined varieties had high economic value – coefficient of agronomic stability is higher than 70%. Variety Almaz has the greatest selective value according to homeostatic character. Almaz is the most intensive variety with maximal plasticity grown in Poltava region. Varieties with high indices of adaptability and plasticity which are very valuable for selection and practical use have been singled out.
Soybean, Variety, Value, Yield, Plasticity, Ecological stability, Variety study.