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    Switchgrass and lupin as phytoremediation crops of contaminated soil
    (2020) Kulyk, M. I.; Galytska, M. A. ; Plaksiienko, I. L.; Kocherga, A.; Mishchenko, O. V. ; Кулик, Максим Іванович; Галицька, Марина Анатоліївна; Плаксієнко, Ірина Леонідівна; Міщенко, Олег Вікторович
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    The study of activation impact during formation and testing of Ni(OH)2 electrochromic films in the presence of Al3+ and WO42- ions
    (2019-12) Kotok, V.; Kovalenko, V.; Kovalenko, I.; Stoliarenko, V.; Vlasov, S.; Ved, V.; Plaksiienko, I. L.; Pysarenko, P. V.; Samoilik, M. S. ; Sukhyy, K.; Плаксієнко, Ірина Леонідівна; Писаренко, Павло Вікторович; Самойлік, Марина Сергіївна
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    Effect of grain meteorological factors and time of spring vegetation recovery on the development and yield of winter grain crops in Ukraine.
    (2014) Калініченко, Антоніна Володимирівна; Гангур, Володимир Васильович; Маренич, Микола Миколайович; Kalinichenko, A. V.; Hanhur, V. V.; Marenych, M. M.
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    Improving the thermostability of horseradish peroxidase by incorporating into water-immiscible coacervates
    (NIGERIAN JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, 2018) Короткова, Ірина Валентинівна
    Looking for novel matrix materials for encapsulation of enzymes based on waterimmiscible coacervates prepared by reaction of negatively charged hyaluronic acid and a positively charged recombinant mussel adhesive protein containing tyrosine residues was the subject of the investigation of this work. The results of experimental study of the thermostability of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) by means its encapsulation in these coacervates at temperature from 30 to 95 C is presented in this paper. The Michaelis- o Menten equation was applied to analyze of the enzymatic activity of HRP. The kinetic parameters were interpreted using a Lineweaver-Burk plot. According to the data obtained, Michaelis-Menten parameters, K and K , interpreted from the Lineweaver- M Cat Burk plots, were 0.271 mM and 2265 s for the free HRP and 0.325 mM and 2158 s for the -1 -1 rMAP/HA coacervate, containing HRP, respectively, which indicate that the enzyme did not lose its activity during the coacervate formation. It was founded that the free enzyme began to lose activity above 40 C, while the encapsulated HRP remained stable to 85 C. o o The encapsulated HRP lost only 18% and 25% of activity at temperature of 90 and 95 C, o respectively, while as free HRP loses all its initial activity, although they show similar activity at room temperature.
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    Поради щодо вибору сорту сої для виробника
    (Agroexpert., 2016) Білявська, Людмила Григорівна; Пилипенко, Олександр Володимирович
    У Реєстр сортів рослин України на 2016 р. занесено більше 180 сортів сої. Тому виробникові непросто обрати найпридатніший сорт для свого господарства. Пропонована стаття дає практичні поради щодо того, як дібрати найоптимальніший варіант саме для вас.
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    (Всероссийский институт зернобобовіх культур, г. Орел, 2018) Білявська, Людмила Григорівна
    В статье представлен анализ практической ценности сортов сои по урожайности и экологической пластичности в разных климатических провинциях Украины. Проведено экологическое оценивание сортов сои по методике Эберхарта и Рассела, которое позволило определить пластичность сортов и их адаптивный потенциал. Установлено, что по результатам экологического сортоизучения лучшими были сорта сои Алмаз и Диона. Определены наиболее благоприятные регионы для выращивания современных сортов сои. Выявлено наиболее интенсивный и пластичный сорт сои Алмаз со средней урожайностью по годам – 2,66 - 2,93 т/га. Представлена ранговая оценка практической ценности сортов сои по урожайности зерна. Установлено, что все изучаемые сорта имели высокую хозяйственную ценность - коэффициент агрономической стабильности выше 70 %. Наибольшей селекционной ценностью по гомеостатичности владеет сорт Алмаз, который в условиях Полтавской области проявил себя как наиболее интенсивный сорт с максимальной пластичностью. Выделены сорта с высокими показателями адаптивности и пластичности, которые представляют ценность для селекции и практического использования.
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    Energetyka odnawialna – problem szi shanca dla Ukrainy
    (Proceeting of ECOpole, Opole: Opole University,, 2014) Kalinichenko, A. V.; Malynska, L. V.; Kalinichenko, V. M. ; Sazonova, N. A.; Калініченко, Антоніна Володимирівна; Калініченко, Володимир Миколайович; Сазонова, Наталія Анатоліївна
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    (Riga, Latvia : “Baltija Publishing”, 2018) Kulyk, M. I. ; Shokalo, N. S.; Кулик, Максим Іванович; Шокало, Наталія Сергіївна
    Abstract. The article has demonstrated the necessity of investigating new, alien crops such ascastor-oil plant (Ricinus communis L.) and switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) as a raw material for production of biofuel and by-products for different fields of industry. The detailed description of plant morphology, and practices regarding increase of seed germination ability of the studied crops have been given. Solid literature overview has been made and attention has been emphasized on the up-to-date of the research of castor-oil plant and switchgrass seed productivity. Expanding of cultivation area enables to provide farmers with seed material as well as processing industry with raw material. In future this will permit to obtain seed material, plant biomass for energy purposes and technical oil of high quality in order to satisfy requirements of strategic fields of industry. Research object is the morphological and biological peculiarities and seed productivity of castor-oil plant and switchgrass depending on quantitative indices of plants considering weather conditions of the vegetation period. Methods. Methods of multi-year research in the forest-steppe of Ukraine are standard for the zone of these crops cultivation and special methodical recommendations have been used as well. The area of seeding plot of land was 54.0 м2, the area of accounting plot of land was 50 м2, experiment Observations and analyses have been applied according to the appropriate research recommendations. Statistical processing of the research results have been done by the analysis of variance as well as correlation and regression analysis, applying licensed computer programme Statistica–6.0. Results. Switchgrass and castor-oil plant response to the environmental conditions has been defined and this enables to allocate these crops in certain soil and climate zones of Ukraine reasonably and choose the ideal elements of the cultivation technology. This will permit to work out farm operations for the development of conditions close to favourable for plant growth and development and providing high productivity of phytomass and seed. It has been determined that studied crops have similar responses to the weather conditions. Under optimal conditions during the vegetation period (hydrothermal coefficient near or more than 1.0) increase of biometric characteristics, seed size and seed productivity has been recorded and vice versa. Established correlation dependencies have proved this factor (r > 0,70). Statistically proved that castor-oil plant provides higher seed productivity (to 2.68 тt/hа) depending on the length and number of clusters per the plant and switchgrass provides seed productivity depending on the length and number of panicle per the plant (to 0,93 t/hа). It has been also defined that seed productivity has close correlation connection with seed yield that is determined by biometric characteristics of the reproductive organs. Conclusion. Considerable impact of air temperature and precipitation on the formation of crop productivity elements has been established according to the results of five-year experiment. Impact of air temperature and precipitation is determinative for switchgrass and castor-oil plants yield and productivity. It has been found that increase of precipitation as well as growth of air temperature is favourable for castor-oil plants yield but much drier weather of the vegetation period is better for switchgrass yield. Taking into consideration research results according to biometric characteristics of plants and seed productivity depending on weather conditions, castor-oil plant can be recommended to cultivate on farms in the central forest-steppe of Ukraine in order to get technical oil of high quality and switchgrass is recommended to be used for biofuel production and energy generation.