Research on carcass quality of pigs grown up in different farms

The analysis of carcass quality data received from the companies classifying pig carcasses was carried out. The data of carcass quality collected in 2016 from eight Lithuanian pig farms (n = 18821) were estimated. The following criteria were applied for the analysis of carcass quality: fat depth (mm), muscle depth, carcass weight and lean meat content according to SEUROP classes. The average fat thickness of pig carcasses was 21.11 mm in all tested farms and the average weight of carcasses was 84.62 per cent. The majority of the estimated pig carcasses were in classes S and E, amounting 87 per cent of the total weight of carcasses. The analysis of carcass quality revealed that majority of the class S carcasses were on farm No. 7 (59.07 per cent), and carcasses of the class E - on farm No. 8 (54.59 per cent). The highest lean meat content was estimated in farm No. 7, which was 1.28 per cent higher in comparison to the total lean meat content of all the farms.
pigs, carcasses, carcass quality, carcass classification, SEUROP