Information Technologies of Accounting and Analysis in Modern Companies

This article addresses the issue of finding optimal solutions using the information technologies of accounting and analysis in modern companies. The aim of the study is to reveal available information technologies for the needs of small, medium and large businesses operating in modern conditions. This goal is achieved by using systematization, comparison, and analysis of information, obtained under the survey and open management statistics. For the first time, the paper systematizes up-to-date information of 2021 about the most popular programs, online services, platforms and cloud services that are used to improve accounting and analytical processes in enterprises of various sizes. The main global trends in software development in terms of COVID-19 pandemic have been identified. In particular, the study defines the countries that occupy the leading positions in the informatization of business processes. An attempt was made to classify information technologies by their use by various volume of businesses. The analysis of research results of the Internet search query frequency regarding the use of information technologies enabled to determine the most popular software products worldwide. The peculiarities of information technologies, their advantages and disadvantages were examined and the common and distinctive features were compared. It was determined that for the new enterprises to implement information technologies, it is necessary to conduct a step-by-step study of all available software products. The software evaluation algorithm was described to help select the optimal software for the specific business processes. The paper also describes the way to solve the problem of using accounting and analysis software for the businesses of a specific kind of activity.
Information Technologies, Cloud Services, Automation, Accounting and Financial Analysis.