Improving the technology for manufacturing hollow cylindrical parts for vehicles by refining technological estimation dependences

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Puzyr, R.
Shchetynin, V.
Vorobyov, V.
Salenko, A.
Arhat, R.
Haikova, T.
Yakhin, S. V.
Muravlov, V. V.
Skoriak, Yu. B.
Negrebetskyi, I. S.
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This paper shows that the technological preparation of production accounts for 20–70 % of the total labor intensity of technical preparation. An important role belongs to the applied programs of finite-element modeling. However, such software packages often cannot be purchased by smallscale industrial enterprises for various reasons. Therefore, special empirical and analytical calculation models are used, which have proved to be quite effective in typical metal processing processes. Drawing a cylindrical hollow part was used as an example of the improved analytical dependence to calculate meridional tensile stresses. Existing analytical models of the process accounted for the bending moment through additional stresses. However, this approach only roughly described the deformation process. It was possible to refine the existing analytical dependences by introducing a term into the differential equilibrium equations that takes into consideration the bending moment that acts in the meridional direction when a workpiece passes the rounding on the matrix edge. Analysis of the obtained expression revealed that the bending of a workpiece gives rise to the stretching meridional stresses, which depend on the ratio of the squares of the thickness of the workpiece and the radius of the matrix rounding. The results of the estimation data from the numerical and theoretical models coincided for small values of the radius of the matrix rounding of 1–2 mm, which confirms the adequacy of the analytical solution. In the numerical model, there is an extreme point where the tensile stresses have a minimum and, after it, begin to increase; this corresponds to the matrix rounding radius of 5 mm
technological process, matrix, drawing, plastic deforma tion, flat workpiece, rounding radius, meridional stresses