Dynamics of wear of the cutting elements of tillers

Dynamics of wear of the cutting elements of tillers. The paper discusses theoretical studies of wear of the cutting elements of working bodies of tillers to develop their technological process of hardening, providing on the one hand increase their longevity, and with another – providing quality tillage. It shows the ependence of the wear rate on the length of the cutting edge cultivator paws. The interaction of the blade working organs of tillers of the soil with the environment was characterized. The diagram of the forces acting on the blade ody and working movement direction in the soil was given. The analysis presents dependence between the linear wear lancet cultivators paw thickness and such factors as the way of friction, normal specific dynamic ressure of the soil, the hardness of the material clutches, friction area. The paper shows the effect of the angle between the polar axis and the radius of curvature of the cutting edge of the blade cultivator paws on the value of its wear. The regularities of changes in the intensity of wear feet are observed along the length of its cutting edge.
cultivator paw, deformation, technological process, abrasive wear, wear rate
Dudnikov A.A., Belovod A.I., Pasyuta A.G., Gorbenko A.V., Kelemesh A.A. Dynamics of wear of the cutting elements of tillers // Annals of Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW Agriculture No 65 (Agricultural and Forest Engineering) 2015: 15–19