Professional-oriented Training of Specialists Under Implementation of Cloud Computing Information Systems in Cooperation Between Universities and IT Companies

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Kopishynska, O. P.
Utkin, Y. V.
Sliusar, I. I.
Slyusar, V. I.
Protas, N. M.
Barabolia, O. V.
Копішинська, Олена Петрівна
Уткін, Юрій Вікторович
Слюсарь, Ігор Іванович
Слюсар, Вадим Іванович
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The article reveals an original approach to the organization of professional-oriented training and retraining of specialists in agrarian universities, which is based on the example of creating syllabuses and curriculum design in cooperation with business companies that are developers of information systems (IS). Cloud computing based IS, which were designed to automate the accounting of production and management processes in agrarian enterprises, allow students to attend training and perform a wide range of production tasks. The authors describe the main stages and results of the implementation of different ERP and CRM cloud computing systems in the training programs for bachelor and master courses in management, marketing, agronomy, as well as methods for organizing various forms of training for practicing professionals from agrarian enterprises.
cloud computing, training, information systems, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, agrarian enterprises