Possibilities of resolving the dilemma «power – knowledge» in the process of the civil society formation in Ukraine. Humanities and Social Sciences. Publishing House of Rzeszow University of Technology. – Poland. − vol. XXV, 27 (3/2020). – P. 129−137. [Copernicus].

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Шейко, Сергій Володимирович
Колодій, Олена Сергіївна
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This article deals with the possible search for a solution to the “power-knowledge” dilemma in the context of the formation of a civil society in Ukraine. The articles examines the causes and the need for carrying out constructive reforms in education, in order to overcome the alienated nature of the power-to-education relationship. The problem is viewed alongside current research on reforming national education, including by contemporary theorists of educational philosophy such as Jose Ortego-i-Gasset, Marek Queck, Andy Greene, Karl Popper, and Paulo Freire. We argue that it is the critical consciousness in the field of pedagogical activity that shapes the creative approach to modern education and science. In the Ukraine, it is possible to obtain positive results in educational reform through the democratization of educational activity. Only through overcoming the contradiction of “power-knowledge” – and other forms of alienation of education from power can one gain a positive constructive in the field of educational activity.
Dilemma, power, knowledge, civil society, educational reforms, philosophy of education, democracy of education, globalization, nation-state, educational institutions, regulatory idea of education, rationality, spiritual culture, subject-subject relations, new paradigm of education, critical consciousness, practice of freedom.