Differential species characters of Baruscapillaria anserisand B. obsignatanematodes obtained from the domestic goose

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Yevstafieva, V. O.
Євстаф’єва, Валентина Олександрівна
Yeresko, V.I.
Pishchalenko, M. A.
Nagorna, L. V.
Піщаленко, Марина Анатоліївна
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Regulatory Mechanism in Biosystems
The study presents species composition and abundance of nematodes of the family Capillariidae (Nematoda, Trichocephalida), parasitizing the domestic goose (Anser anser dom. Linnaeus, 1758) in Poltava region, Ukraine. Morphological specifics of adult specimens of collected helminths are examined and new data is obtained for species identification of Capillariidae considering their metric parameters. The pathogens of capillariasis in geese are represented by two species, Baruscapillaria anseris (Madsen, 1945) Moravec, 1982 and B. obsignata(Madsen, 1945) Moravec, 1982 with the former predominant. Prevalence of infection by B. anserisin domestic fowl was up to 46.8%, the abundance index reached 17.9 specimens.
It is determined that capillariasis is a common infection of the domes-tic goose in the Poltava region of Ukraine. The fauna is represented by two species, the dominant of which is B. anseris. The proportion of geese by this species reached 46.8%, the abundance index was 17.9 specimens per bird. B. obsignatawas less common. Its abundance was low: prevalence 23.9%, abundance index 3.8 specimens per host.
nematodes; Capillariidae; abundance indices, differential identification; morphology; metric parameters