Social intelligence as an important prerequisite for learning digital skills

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Liadskyi, I. K.
Voronko-Nevidnycha, T. V.
Zos-Kior, M. V.
Лядський, Ігор Костянтинович
Воронько-Невіднича, Тетяна Вікторівна
Зось-Кіор, Микола Валерійович
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Republic of Kazakhstan
The development of soft skills, which, unlike professional competences, are not directly related to the chosen profession, but help in achieving success, is gaining popularity in universities. In today's world of ubiquitous e-commerce, digitalisation, interactive technologies and neural networks, knowledge and ability to use these achievements of civilisation largely determine a person's ability to socialise. The term digital-skills has become commonplace, which can equally be attributed to soft skills or allocated to a separate category of skills.
Liadskyi I., Voronko–Nevidnycha T., Zos–Kior M. Social intelligence as an important prerequisite for learning digital skills. Works оf the international scientific-practical conference «The development of digitalization and the formation of the institutional environment of e-commerce: trends, problems and solutions». Institute of Economics Science Committee of the Ministry of Science and Higher Educationof the Republic of Kazakhstan. 2024. Pp. 211-213.
digital-skills, meta-skills, social intelligence, social relations, educational trend, results of the study