Modern approaches to assess the competitiveness of production.

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Писаренко, Світлана Валеріївна
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мonograph. Theory and practice of social, economic and tehnological changes. Nemoros s.r.o. Pragua, 2018.
The modern market is a place of competition for the sale of goods, for consumers; this is a competition for goods and services. Manufacturers and sellers who are familiar with the market know that it is necessary to constantly analyze the properties of products, the degree of consumer preferences, the level of prices in the market, terms of supply and payments, service, etc. [1]. Consumers regard product quality as a natural companion. As a result of product quality improvements, the service life of products increases, cost and labor costs are reduced, the needs of the population are more fully met, and the competitiveness of domestic goods increases. The problem of competitiveness of domestic products today is one of the most important problems not only for the foreign, but also for the domestic trade of the state. With saturation of the Ukrainian market, goods were able to compare imported products with domestic goods. And the choice of Ukrainians is not always in favor of the latter.
modern market, consumers,problem of competitiveness, domestic trade