The Problem of Labour Migration of Ukrainian Peasants and Burghers in the Internal Policy of Russian Empire in the Second Half of the Nineteenth – Early Twentieth Centuries

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Yakymenko, Mykola
Sharavara, T. O.
Шаравара, Тамара Олексіївна
Makarets, S.
Макарець, Світлана Володимирівна
Nikolaienko, Yuliia
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The purpose of this research is to highlight the results of Russian policy for Ukrainian labour migrants, which is both of theoretical and practical importance, since it enables modern Ukrainian leaders to take into account positive and negative experience of unprivileged classes labour migration in the late 19th and in the early 20th centuries. The research methods are based on the main principles of historicist tradition, scientific objectivity, comprehensive approach and data classification. In order to achieve the purpose the authors use a number of general scientific methods (analysis, synthesis, classification) as well as specific historical methods, such as problematic and chronological, comparative, retrospective and method of periodization. As the result of the research, the authors have made a conclusion about quite high activity of the inhabitants of Dnipro Ukraine in migration movements during the second half of the 19th century and the early of the 20th century due to the lack of land. The economic reasons were predominant for most migrants, as they were unable to satisfy their primary needs within their region.
Russian empire, Ukraine, labour migration, peasants, burghers.