Supply of tractors to business subjects in Poltava region. Problems and perspectives

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Падалка, Вячеслав Вікторович
Бурлака, Олексій Анатолійович
Рожко, Ілона Іванівна
Яценко, Юрій Васильович
Чумак, Марина Василівна
Padalka, V. V.
Burlaka, O. A.
Rozhko, I. I.
Yatsenko, Yu. V.
Chumak, M. V.
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Полтавський державний аграрний університет
The development of agricultural production, especially its technical support, requires constant improvement and the introduction of advanced models of mechanization. The relevance of the national and economic problem of the quality of material and technical support of agro-industrial production is substantiated. It is claimed that the forecasting of quantitative and qualitative indicators of the technical condition indirectly affects the technologies used in the fields, in particular in the Poltava region. The results of statistical analysis of qualitative and quantitative indicators of purchased and registered tractors, which are reflected in the single register for keeping automated records of tractors of the agricultural machinery registration department of the Main Department of the State Production and Consumer Service in Poltava region for the period from 2018 to 2023, are given. The trends and dynamics of replacing tractors in the region's farms are given and substantiated, and ways of improving the organizational and technical mechanisms for providing tractors to enterprises and individuals of the Poltava region are recommended, taking into account the current challenges caused by the state of war. The organizational, technical and economic mechanisms for updating the tractor fleet of enterprises and private owners - individuals of the Poltava region have been determined. There is a sharp reduction in the dynamics of the number of purchased and registered tractors and tractor equipment in 2022. The beginning of the war led to a sharp reduction of purchased and registered tractors and tractor equipment by more than two times. Studying the dynamics of the ratio of the use of foreign tractors and tractors of domestic production is no less a painful topic for the state. We have a negative trend towards a significant relative increase in the tractor market of the Poltava region of foreign-made tractors and tractor equipment. A situation arose when the number of foreign tractor models in 2022 and most of 2023 exceeded the registration actions for domestically produced tractors by almost three times. The fact that the absence or insufficient number of domestic manufacturers of agricultural machinery, including tractors, leads to export dependence of the market is statistically confirmed. The consequence of this is a significant increase in prices for spare parts and tracts of foreign production.
Padalka V., Burlaka O., Rozhko I., Yatsenko Yu., Chumak, M. Supply of tractors to business subjects in Poltava region. Problems and perspectives. Scientific Progress & Innovations. 2023. Vol. 26 (3). P. 133–139. DOI: 10.31210/spi2023.26.03.23