Artificial intelligence as a factor of the global labor market transformation

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Тul, S.
Shkurupii, O. V.
Шкурупій, Ольга Всеволодівна
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"Oktan print" Praha
The modern period of human life can reasonably be determined as the beginning of the post-industrial era because its formation is potentiated by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Klaus Schwab (2016), studying the process of the deployment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, notes a number of changes that have become significant for humanity now and will remain significant for many future generations. He indicates the exponential (in speed, scale and impact) growth of innovation, which leads to increased efficiency, productivity and cost reduction in production, as well as an extraordinary increase in data sets and opportunities for their use. All this is accompanied by the implementation of a new generation of technologies based on artificial intelligence, the importance of which can be traced from mass robotization to biotechnology.
Тul S., Shkurupii O. Artificial intelligence as a factor of the global labor market transformation : Artificial intelligence as a basis for the development of the digital economy: textbook; Edited by I. Tatomyr, Z. Kvasnii. Praha: OKTAN PRINT, 2021. P. 57-69 (376 p). URL:
market transformation, digital economy, modern, digital technologies, digitalization processes