Pathogenesis and pathomorphology of distraction trauma in the framework of pre-trial investigations of cruelty to animals

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Skrypka, M.
Panikar, I.
Boyko, Yu.
Dmytrenko, N. I.
Kurales, O.
Дмитренко, Надія Іванівна
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The importance of identification and differential diagnosis of spinal injuries, in the case of polytrauma, the ability to distinguish the pathogenesis of various injuries are important and relevant both during clinical and during pathological examination of the animal’s body. The purpose of research is to provide veterinary practitioners and lawyers with strategies for identifying the cause (mechanism) of spinal cord injury and to assist triers of fact (decision-makers) in arriving at plausible and reasoned veterinary forensic conclusions. The research was performed using pathological and anatomical dissection and histological studies. It was established that damage to the cervical spinal cord due to traumatic bending of the neck was accompanied by partial or complete rupture of the intervertebral disc and destruction of the ligaments of the vertebrae. It was found that the hyperemia of the vessels of the meninges of the brain is the result of blood circulation disorders in the occipital artery and the caudal artery of the meninges, and mechanical damage to the integrity of the intervertebral discs or the destruction of the ligaments of the neck vertebrae led to various disorders of the innervation of various organs and systems of the body and ended the death of animals. It was proved that the distraction injury of the cervical spine led to the swelling of the medulla of the brain, haemorrhages of the caudalventral part of the brain substance. It was found that irritation of nervus vagus led to hyperemia of vessels of large (aorta and trunk of pulmonary artery) caliber, cranial mesenteric artery) caudal mesenteric artery and, accordingly, hyperemia of thoracic and abdominal organs. Application of research results will help in differentiation of various types of mechanical injuries of the spine (including differentiation from other pathological conditions of the body), determination of the area of the applied force vector
Skrypka, M., Panikar, I., Boyko, Yu., Dmytrenko, N., Kurales, O. Pathogenesis and pathomorphology of distraction trauma in the framework of pre-trial investigations of cruelty to animals. Scientific Horizons. 2023. Vol. 26 (4). PP. 54-64.
traumatic bending of the neck, distraction injury, cervical vertebrae, spinal cord, swelling, bleeding