The method of identity verification when signing electronic documents based on biometric means of identification

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Писаренко, Вячеслав Петрович
Дорогань-Писаренко, Людмила Олександрівна
Канцедал, Наталія Анатоліївна
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The development of global communications in business and everyday life has led to the emergence of a new plane of relationship, the subject of which is the electronic data exchange. In this exchange of data involved bodies of state power, local self-government, public administration, commercial and non-profit organizations, as well as citizens in their official and personal relationships. The problem of protecting electronic documents with the help of electronic-digital signature is extremely widespread in our time. As the era of the Internet and electronic technologies has come to an end, problems with the security of electronic document circulation, including those in public administration, are beginning to emerge. The issue of the preservation of electronic documents from copying and forging requires for its solution specific means and methods of protection. One of the means of such protection is a biometric digital signature, which undoubtedly confirms the authenticity of the information in the document, its details and the fact of signature by a particular person. The technology of electronic document circulation with the use of biometric digital signature in the public administration is not implemented today, which significantly reduces its quality and the development of electronic document circulation in general. The development is devoted to the possibilities of use and benefits of the introduction of electronic document circulation using the method of identity verification when signing electronic documents based on biometric identification tools
electronic documents, electronic document circulation, biometric identification tools, electronic data exchange, biometric digital signature