Innovative Projects in the Industry 4.0 Sphere of Poltava State Agrarian University

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Muravlov, V. V.
Utkin, Y. V.
Sliusar, I. I.
Kopishynska, O. P.
Goryk, O. V.
Brykun, O. M.
Semenov, A. O.
Bida, S. V.
Petrash, O. V.
Petrash, R. V.
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MDPI: Engineering Proceedings
The activity of the “Industry 4.0 Implementation Center at PSAU” is aimed at the development and implementation of promising technologies, appropriate specialists training, implementation and management of informational and educational events, training management, and networking of enterprises: technology designers, production facilities, higher-education institutions, scientific institutions, state authorities, and civil groups. The latest projects that are being implemented are as follows: - Unified information platform for the management of material resources of territorial communities; - Segmentation of analog meter readings using neural networks; - Electrotechnical systems for bactericidal air disinfection; - Complex of shot blasting processing of metal products; - Groundwater level monitoring automation.
Muravlov, V.; Utkin, Y.; Sliusar, I.; Kopishynska, O.; Goryk, O.; Brykun, O.; Semenov, A.; Bida, S.; Petrash, O.; Petrash, R. Innovative Projects in the Industry 4.0 Sphere of Poltava State Agrarian University. Eng. Proc. 2023, 40, 22.
industry 4.0, neural networks, electrotechnical systems, air disinfection, robotic complex, monitoring groundwater