Influence of the variety on formation of pea yield

Cereal legumes are important as food and fodder crops that contribute to the sustainable development of world agriculture. Among the grain legumes, pea (Pisum sativum L.) is an economically important crop along with soybeans and beans worldwide and is mostly grown in temperate regions. It is of great food, fodder and agrotechnical importance, valuable for a wide range of nutrients. Modern technologies for the cultivation of grain legumes should be based on the management of all processes of ensuring high grain productivity and grain quality, as well as be directed to the maximum use of the culture's biological productivity potential.
Rybalchenko A., Kosenko V. Influence of the variety on formation of pea yield. Progressive research in the modern world : proceedings of the 12th Int. sci. and pract. conf. (Boston, USA, 17-19 August 2023). Boston, 2023. P. 9–11.
Pea, legumes, variety, selection, yield