Research of the main parameters of the technological process of electric contact welding at the restoration of machine parts

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Dudnikov, A. A.
Dudnikov, I. A.
Dudnyk, V. V.
Gorbenko, O. V.
Kelemesh, A. O.
Дудніков, Анатолій Андрійович
Дудніков, Ігор Анатолійович
Дудник, Володимир Васильович
Горбенко, Олександр Вікторович
Келемеш, Антон Олександрович
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Technology audit and production reserves, НВП ПП «Технологічний Центр»
The object of research is the process of restoring lancet cultivator paws by electrocontact welding of their working parts, the process connection with technological processing parameters and the physical and mechanical properties of their material. One of the most problematic places in the method of electrocontact welding when restoring the working organs of tillage machines is the lack of optimal operating parameters of this technological process of strengthening the cutting elements of working organs working in the soil-aggressive environment. Optimal parameters of electrocontact welding method of the metal mesh to the worn-out surface of the part make it possible to increase the strength of the material of the recovered parts, improve its physical and mechanical properties and increase their service life, and to reduce the magnitude and irregularity of wear. Theoretical studies of the main parameters of the technological process are carried out using the equations of mechanics of deformed bodies with their own physical and mechanical properties. In the course of the study, a steel mesh made of high-strength steel is used, and metal powders are used as a filler material, which strengthened the material of the component and increased its life. Increased wear resistance of the restored parts is obtained. This is due to the fact that with this technological process, the formation of the surface relief takes place with the formation of depressions on it, which retain the lubricant, which ensures a higher coating resistance. Due to this, it is possible to obtain a coating of parts with a thickness of up to 1.5 mm, an increase in their durability of 1.45–2.1 times and a decrease in wear intensity of 1.65 times compared to new cultivator paws.
electrocontact welding, technological process, abrasive wear, adhesion strength, coating properties
Dudnikov A., Dudnikov I., Dudnik V., Gorbenko O., Kelemesh A. Research of the main parameters of the technological process of electric contact welding at the restoration of machine parts//Technology audit and production reserves. 2017. 6/1(38). P.4-9.